It is the third day of the new year and I have finally put together my favorite moments of 2016. I have become such a procrastinator since I got back from Europe. I am not going to lie, I am a bit depressed being back in Texas. It just isn’t the same here, there is no excitement. There is nothing interesting to look at or discover. But I am happy to be reunited with family and friends and I am looking forward to getting back to studio this semester. I am already planning possible trips for the summer! Anyways, back to my favorite moments… Continue reading “2016: FAVORITE MOMENTS”


October 6 – 9

Ahhh, finally back in Paris.

This city is truly magical. I think I will forever come back here. I basically revisited everything I saw the first time I came to Paris because I was with a group who had never gone before and it was friend’s birthday, so I wanted to make sure we got to the main attractions. Continue reading “PARIS”


Hello world! Bonjour! I am excited to be sharing my travels from my recent vacation in July. I had so much fun, learned different languages, stared at glorious architecture, consumed AMAZING food, and shopped my heart away. Keep Reading!