Lately, I’ve been into the colored sunglasses trend and trying out different tinted lens. I think they add to any outfit and are just really fun to wear inside and outside. My favorites are these cute round frames from Urban Outfitters. I purchased these in yellow and pink! Continue reading “TINT”


Fall is so close, it’s just a few weeks away! It is still very warm outside, but I feeling very seasonal in this adorable faux-suede button skirt from Macy’s. I kept the rest of my outfit on trend with the neutral and beige tones, but it is still suitable for 90 degrees F.  Continue reading “FALL TONES”


I am counting down the weeks until I leave for Italy (about 2 left!!) and I am starting to think about my outfits and how I am going to pack for three months. Of course, I have been shopping for some fresh styles, but I am mainly looking for classic, simple ones that can be worn over and over again. That way I can save room in my luggage and I won’t have to carry so much weight around.  Continue reading “ANOTHER DAY IN A DRESS”


If you haven’t noticed, pins are now back in style with an emoji presence. A popular trend that appeared in the 80s and 90s has now resurfaced in 2016, just like everything else. Emojis have practically taken over the media scene to the point where millennials, such as myself, can’t even type anything without expressing our emotions with one of these cute emoticons. Continue reading “PIN IT”