This is a super late post, but this past Monday was my 21st birthday! There wasn’t much I could do on a Monday, but I had a wonderful time with my family and friends, which meant more to me than anything else. Continue reading “21”


Happy Friday!

The phrase ‘Thank God its Friday’ could not be more accurate right now. Each day this week has been long and exhausting. I cannot wait for the weekend! The first week of school has drained me more than I expected it too, but it was a good start to the semester. Continue reading “STUDIO UPDATE”


Happy Sunday guys!

This past week I worked on a project for my mother, who wanted a huge painting to be the center of attention in our living room. My mother and I are fans of the impressionist/post-impressionist and abstract eras of art. Continue reading “HOME ART”


Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since I have update you all on my studio work. Yesterday, was our final review for the semester and it was fantastic. I honestly never thought I could achieve something like this in my architectural career as a student. I learned four different types of design software, multiple architectural theories, and new design techniques that I hope to carry with me in the future. Continue reading “STUDIO UPDATE”


Happy Monday!

I typically despise Mondays, except for today because the weather FINALLY cooled down to a nice 55 degrees (F). And yes, I am drinking an Italian, dark hot chocolate! It is extra breezy today, as you can see in my pictures. Continue reading “GREY DAY”


Hello everyone!

The weather is slowly starting to cool down. I am able to wear jeans outside, even though some days I feel like I am drowning in them.

I know its been awhile. It has been hard for me to update every single day because of school, so I am thinking about just doing a weekly update? Or perhaps every few days? So I am going to go through what has been happening the past week and a half. Continue reading “STUDIO UPDATES”