While on a class trip in Siena, Italy, a few friends and I decided to go shopping and we stumbled upon a perfume shop called Acqua Dell’Elba. The second you walk into this small parfumerie you are hit with the fresh scent of the Italian sea. The entire store is painted a beautiful hue of turquoise and you feel as if you were transported to the beach. While smelling the select bottles that were on the counter, I fell in love with the women’s Classica scent. I loved it so much I bought one for my sister, aunt, and father! I get compliments every time I wear this perfume and it smells great throughout the day without losing its signature scent. The perfume is one of my treasured souvenirs from Italy and I am reminded of the Italian landscape and seaside every single time I use it. Acqua Dell’Elba truly created the perfect il profumo del mare, or the perfume of the sea.

Happy shopping! ->

Alla prossima! Arrivederci!



Processed with VSCO with c9 presetProcessed with VSCO with c9 presetProcessed with VSCO with c9 preset

Photography by Sophia Kountakis.


    1. I know what you are talking about!! I smell that too and I have never asked, but I think it is the Classic scent. Im not sure if its the men’s or women’s. I would try asking them if you walk by 🙂


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