November 9

The last town our study center took us to was Orvieto. The town on top of a huge cliff-like hill is known for its buildings being constructed of tufo, or volcanic rock. Orvieto is also known for its ceramics. Continue reading “ORVIETO”


November 27 – December 2

After ending my study abroad adventure in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy. My best friend and I decided to spend one more week in Europe before heading back to the US. So we planned a five day trip to Amsterdam! Neither of us had been and being architecture students, we wanted to check out all of the art and architecture there, especially in Rotterdam. Continue reading “AMSTERDAM & ROTTERDAM”


For the last couple of Wednesday trips, our center took us back to Florence to experience more art and architecture. There are three different day trips in this post, so I will start in order. Continue reading “FIRENZE”