September 29 – October 2

After Fashion Week in Milano, a few friends and I made a last minute decision to go to Cinque Terre for the last weekend in September. We booked an Airbnb in La Spezia and used the train to travel to and from each town in Cinque Terre. Each train was about two to 12 minutes long, so it was really quick to hop from each town in one day.  Although, there was a train strike that weekend, so it did deter our plans slightly, but we worked around it and got where we needed to be. Continue reading “CINQUE TERRE”


September 23 – 25

FINALLY! The weekend I have been waiting my entire life for! FASHION WEEK! A small group of friends and I decided it would be so fun if we tried to scout out fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week. It was the most amazing weekend ever!  Continue reading “MILANO”


September 20 – 22


I have been so busy with traveling, I keep forgetting to update the world on my recent travels. I have been everywhere the past months and a half and I am cherishing every second of it. My friends and I took a break this past week to rest, not only that, I was really sick and needed to recover. Continue reading “ROMA”


September 16 – 18


As you know, I am still on study abroad in Italy, but for a weekend (Sept 16-18), my friends and I decided to fly out of the country to visit Athens, Greece. It was very quick, but we spent our time wisely and saw everything we wanted to see. This was my second time in Athens, the first time was in 2004 for the Olympic Ceremonies and I was nine years old, so revisiting was definitely a new experience for me. Continue reading “ATHENS”