Do you remember that post a while ago with the denim skirt? And I said it was a rare occasion that I found a skirt that actually looked good on me and felt comfortable? Welllll, I am taking back that statement because this skirt from Madewell is so cute and comfortable, I could sleep in it. Well maybe…   Continue reading “SKIRT TALK”



This summer my family and I decided to rent a car and explore the American southwest. My family and I always vacation in July to celebrate my parent’s anniversary, but this vacation was extra special because we were going Grand Canyon where they spent their first anniversary 20+ years ago. Instead of spending the entire week at the Grand Canyon, we decided to hop around a few towns and tour some famous geological formations. Continue reading “AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: ARIZONA & UTAH”


I went on a shopping spree a few days ago (don’t worry it was all on sale!) and picked up some items for my Italy trip even though I still have a month to go. I am trying to coordinate how I am going to live out of a luggage for three months! Continue reading “RED”