Zara is having an amazing summer sale right now, which is where I got these adorable striped trousers. They are made of linen so it is comfortable to wear in the heat and the light blue stripes are perfect for any summer occasion.

I kept my outfit simple, matching my heels to the blue stripes and wearing a white tee. I would like to do a look that is all stripes of slightly different patterning, but maintaining the same color scheme. I will have to experiment to see if it looks good, but these trousers are pretty versatile to achieve different types of outfit combinations.

In other news, my summer has consisted of working two jobs and maintaining some sort of social life. I go out of town every now and then on the weekends, but I am ready to be on vacation in July!! I have not been outside much due to my jobs, which explains my lack of tan skin. Usually by this time of the year, I am so tan it is ridiculous! But I am hoping that will change soon because sunshine is good for you!

How has your summer been?




I wore: Massimo Dutti top (similar), Zara trousers (similar), Marais heels, Ray-ban sunglasses, Daniel Wellington watch

Photography by Katerina Kountakis



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