For the past year now, I have noticed that when I spend all day on the computer I get major headaches. I get pain in the back of my eyes, my head throbs, and my eyes burn for the rest of the day. Sometimes headaches are due to other things, but recently, it has gotten to point that even if I spend an hour on the computer I get a headache. I know it is bad to be on the computer all the time, but I need to get things done. Especially if I’m building digital models on the computer all day in studio, there is no time to rest. Continue reading “COMPUTER GLASSES”


I have never been to Dallas before, actually I have, but only once and it was a really quick stop. I never actually got to see the city, taste the food, and see all the attractions. So my friend, who lives nearby, wanted me to come up and see her for the day. Continue reading “DALLAS MUSEUM RUN”



It been a while since I have posted something. I’m sorry I have been mega-lacking on my part. A little update; studio ended and then finals and friend gatherings… and all I have been wanting to do it sleep and do nothing. But I can’t because I still have to go to work and I need to keep all my stuff in order before I go abroad this fall. Continue reading “BACKYARD BUSINESS “


I recently attended a scholarship banquet for the Department of Architecture, where I was receiving two awards. The dress code was formal, so I decided to wear this burgundy red jumpsuit from Reformation. Continue reading “JUMPSUIT”


Every year the student organization I am apart of, AIAS, throws a huge dance party at the end of the year to celebrate studio coming to an end. It’s called the Beaux Arts Ball and it is the raddest dance party you will ever experience, if you an architect that is… Continue reading “BEAUX ARTS BALL”