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I have been working my butt off at school non-stop for the past week. Although, I have accomplished so much already in the first month of the semester, it’s going by so fast. I volunteered for the architecture career fair and recently completed an article for the department magazine, called Axiom. Axiom is apart of AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), a student-run organization which continues on to the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), an internationally recognized organization for professional architects in the field. The members of Axiom write articles,  capture photographs, and document studio work to publish in an annual magazine for the College of Architecture at Texas A&M. I, fortunately, got the chance to publish an article on the topic of fashion and how it closely relates to the realm of architecture. You can read my article and more in the link below, published on ISSUU.

I am proud of myself for getting something published because I am not the best writer (if you haven’t noticed :P), so it was empowering to actually completely a piece of work that was worthy enough to be printed. I chose to write about fashion because no one seems to talk about the close relationship with architecture and how they both influence each other. Also, because I love fashion and I show my style at school and architects are known for their specific tastes in clothing. Not all architects wear the ‘all-black’ attire 24/7, so I wanted to talk about it .

I hope you enjoy! I will post NYFW picks very soon so be on the look out!



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