Happy Friday!

The phrase ‘Thank God its Friday’ could not be more accurate right now. Each day this week has been long and exhausting. I cannot wait for the weekend! The first week of school has drained me more than I expected it too, but it was a good start to the semester.

I was recently hired for a job at the Department of Architecture CRS Center. I take part in a firm that decides on programming and construction designs for buildings on campus. It is basically a ‘real world’ job where I will meet famous architects/firms and learn about the way buildings actually come together. I work three days a week before my afternoon studio, which means I spend about 9 hours on campus completely preoccupied with work or class. The other two days are slower, but I am still on campus for long periods of time. Not that I do not like being on campus, I mean I am an architecture student, I practically live in my studio :D.

Speaking of studio, I am taking the same professor I did last semester. I have never done this previously, but I decided that it might be beneficial to take this prof for various reasons. He explores new ideas that are arising in the architectural world. The forms we will create are based off of philosophies and relationships between objects themselves. The studio is called ‘T4T’ because it is a fabrication lab where we build large installations. I thought it would be interesting to continue to stretch my mind creatively into new areas of exploration. This studio is more artistic, I think, which I really like because I am intrigued in of the artistic side of architecture more than the structure aspect.

I will continue to update you guys on how the project is going throughout the semester.

Have a wonderful weekend!




Photo taken by Tung Nguyen.

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