Happy Sunday guys!

This past week I worked on a project for my mother, who wanted a huge painting to be the center of attention in our living room. My mother and I are fans of the impressionist/post-impressionist and abstract eras of art. Personally, Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist of all time, but I was happy she chose Claude Monet (who is my second favorite). She sent me a picture of Monet’s Wisteria, a beautifully constructed piece art (original show below) that is full of multi-colored layers of thick paint. There is an emotional aspect in the brushstrokes that texturize the canvas and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to replicate it.


The pictures of my rendition are shown below. My mother wanted to tweak the painting slightly to her needs to match the living room such as, adding more white at the bottom and adding cobalt blue to the background. I think I like her additions a little better than the original because they make the painting brighter. Not only that, I painted with acrylics while Monet painted with oils, which are totally different mediums. Oils are darker, but are exquisite in person.

Now that I am looking at my work in a picture, I am noticing things that I could add or fix. There is so much detail in Monet’s that make the artwork complex and edgier than mine. My rendition is the simplified version, it’s softer and brighter. But I am proud of my work, for once! I am so hard on myself I usually hate everything I do because I always think that I can do better. I want to create more works like this, maybe some of my own creations instead of rendering famous artists’ work.

Hope you enjoy!




Photography and artwork by Sophia Kountakis.

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