Hey guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the week!

Today’s outfit is very monochromatic. I think as of last year grey is becoming the new black because the color can be easily paired with anything while still maintaining the elegant qualities the color black embodies. Continue reading “GREY SHADES”


Happy Friday!

The phrase ‘Thank God its Friday’ could not be more accurate right now. Each day this week has been long and exhausting. I cannot wait for the weekend! The first week of school has drained me more than I expected it too, but it was a good start to the semester. Continue reading “STUDIO UPDATE”


Happy Sunday guys!

This past week I worked on a project for my mother, who wanted a huge painting to be the center of attention in our living room. My mother and I are fans of the impressionist/post-impressionist and abstract eras of art. Continue reading “HOME ART”


Happy Friday!

I hope you guys have enjoyed your week.  I personally don’t want this week to end because that means I’ll have to go back to studio next week.  I don’t want to go back just yet…I need another week… maybe two. But, I’m spending this beautiful Friday outside to enjoy some fresh air and to check on my mother’s succulents. They have done so well within the past year, it amazes me! Continue reading “FRIDAY FRESH”