Winter is right around the corner (if it hasnt started already for some) and nothing stays ‘CHIC’ than a winter coat that looks good and doesn’t do alot of damage to your wallet. I’ve come up with a list of 5 different types of coats under $200 are that stylish and can be worn for all different occasions. Keep these options in mind when you are shopping for a coat this winter because fashionable outwear doesn’t have to be expensive. No matter what trend is fashionable of season, coats don’t really ‘go out of style.’ Any color, pattern, or texture is totally acceptable when it comes to putting on a coat ( as long as it goes with your outfit 😀 ).

Shop the links!



1 – Vegan Leather 

bloomingdales leather

2 – The Suede Master

bloomingdales suede

3 – Pattern Up

kenneth cole pattern

4 – Puffer Girl

macys puff coat

5 – Cape Woman

topshop cape

All photos are not property of Sophia Kountakis. Cover photo property of Sophia Kountakis

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