Hey guys!

I went shopping this past weekend to refill some of my makeup products and facewash. I found some new things to try and, of course, bought more make up I didn’t really need. Don’t we all do that? Continue reading “BEAUTY HAUL”


Hey guys!

I have been waiting since August to post my collection of sunglasses. I keep mentioning that I would do it, but I was stalling because the shipment of a few new pairs of sunglasses were delayed. So, now that everything is in, I unveil to you my huge (and growing) collection of sunnies. Continue reading “SUNGLASSES COLLECTION”

60’s VIBE 

Happy Weekend!

I hope your week has been productive and wonderful. I am working on two projects simultaneously in studio. The dresses have been picked for Vivienne Westwood, I am still between two of them, but we will narrow it down to one dress on Monday.

Today, I am wearing this tunic from the Zara 2015 summer collection. Continue reading “60’s VIBE “


Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

It is fashion month, so I am keeping up with all the fashion and will be doing posts each week on my favorite designers. In honor on New York Fashion Week, I am showing off my fall fashion trend, grey denim, that can be worn in two ways: one dressed up and one super casual. Continue reading “ONE OUTFIT – 2 WAYS”


Hello everyone!

The weather is slowly starting to cool down. I am able to wear jeans outside, even though some days I feel like I am drowning in them.

I know its been awhile. It has been hard for me to update every single day because of school, so I am thinking about just doing a weekly update? Or perhaps every few days? So I am going to go through what has been happening the past week and a half. Continue reading “STUDIO UPDATES”